Association Jeanne Jugan

"Be kind, especially with the infirm. Love them well ... Oh yes! Be kind. It is a great grace God is giving you. In serving the aged, it is he himself whom you are serving.”

The Association Jeanne Jugan is a group of men and women, married and single, who choose to share in the life and mission of the Little Sisters - “to serve Christ with joy and love in the elderly by following the example of humility and confidence left by Jeanne Jugan”.Those interested in becoming Association members undergo a year of spiritual preparation. New members are then welcomed into the Association Jeanne Jugan by making a promise to imitate the example of St. Jeanne Jugan by serving Christ through the care of the elderly poor. This promise is renewed annually. They live out their promise through ongoing spiritual formation and by sharing in the ministry of the Little Sisters.

Ongoing spiritual formation

  • Days of reflection
  • Weekend retreats

Works of Mercy

  • Serve as a liturgical minister for Masses
  • Volunteer in various ways to make the Residents happy and comfortable
  • Provide and serve hospitality to families and friends of deceased Residents during wake services

For more information call Sr. Gabrielle at 718.464.1800 or email